Ways To Donate

Donate Any Amount Via Etransfer

Simply send your donation directly to happysplacedogs@gmail.com from your favorite banking website/app!
* No passwords necessary

Donate Any Amount Via PayPal
Donate Via Stripe
Donate Supplies

Items currently in most need:

  • soft/canned food
  • treats
  • small dog beds
Please reach out directly to our supply volunteers.
  1. London East tiffzurcher@hotmail.com
  2. London West lrossgawley@gmail.com
  3. Toronto North- Markham Wendyskwantes@gmail.com
  4. Burlington preszv@gmail.com
  5. locations not shown here
Donate Your Time/Services

Many of our wonderful partnerships started out this way! Your donated time and services means our funds can go towards life saving and life altering medical care. This allows us to increase the quality of life for a deserving senior dog beginning their new chapter.
We would love to hear from you and what you have to offer!

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