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Our Mission

We rescue senior dogs by request who are still able to lead a quality life but who are also at a higher risk of euthanasia or unable to find forever adopted homes due to old age, medical needs such as chronic illness or special need, or other factors, including cases where dog guardians can no longer care for their senior dog due to their own health or other reason. We are a 100% not for profit rescue.

We believe in connecting and supporting our communities, with a strong focus throughout Strathroy, Ontario, Canada and surrounding areas. We make every attempt to rescue and provide lifetime retirement care and bucket list adventures, as well as medical treatment, for as many senior dogs as possible within the criteria and funds available through the rescue thanks to the love of our supporters and sponsors. We take in senior dogs which are all examined by our veterinarian, treated, and loved in carefully screened foster homes until which time they can be adopted out into loving families or by providing them lifelong care until the time comes for them to cross over the rainbow bridge.

We believe in advocating for not only for senior dogs but also in trying to find creative solutions to keep senior dogs and their families together.

We believe in the power of a community and the importance of providing wellness for both senior dogs and people too. We believe in the importance of relationship building through public events, partnering with local businesses, and connecting people and senior dogs within our community through programs such as our senior to senior program, our leave a legacy program, and our CMHA wellness visits. It is our mission to build relationships with anyone who loves dogs and is able to like us, see the value in allowing senior dogs to live their very best lives and to always find their happy!